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FEBRUARY, 16TH 2021  

Obviously No Need For Anything !


FEBRUARY, 15TH 2021  

OK, No Key Sampling, Maybe Sample Fregments Mapped To Keys ?!


FEBRUARY, 14TH 2021  

FEBRUARY, 10TH 2021  

FEBRUARY, 02ND 2021  

We are still progressing

We are currently providing quite significant releases for the audio unit world.

MIDI SWEET SERIES are our answer to the 'missing links' inside the audio unit world, regarding MIDI realtime processing. While there are several tools out there for MIDI processing, the most basic things are still missing yet, for instance a 'simple' MIDI player unit, that can load and play back standard MIDI files inside an audio unit environment or a decent (and useful) recorder unit, that can record all MIDI events inside a session in realtime (including for instance MPE).

Possibly many developers do not know anything about good old MIDI or are not really interested and are focussed on latest hype technologies (i.e. 'shimmer reverbs'). Even acclaimed, so-called < state of the art > MIDI s(X)equencers on the iOS platform are obviously up to doday not even able to load and decode a simple standard MIDI file of any length correctly !!! ^^ But basic MIDI tools are just an essentilal but still missing link and urgently required on the iOS platform, especially for audio unit processing. 

So 2 new audio units will be released next: the MIDI Session Recorder and the MIDI Session Player.  As you may discover, these are very simple to use and the one is the invertion of the other. 

These tools took development time and investigations of several months, yet years, but finally were successful and are now advanced enough to be released now. The difficulties with such (obviously 'simple') tools are the core audio processing kernel requirements, which needs special handling for MIDI, rather than just using any available MIDI frameworks from public domain, which are mostly completely useless due to their implementation details. Many developers just use kinds of such 'construction kits', a wild collection of several bits and bytes floating around everywhere - and then these are taken to deliver the released results ... not so with us! 

We developed everything from scratch specially to fit the requirements for the core iOS remote audio kernel.

Along with our new MIDI Time Control (release name: 'MIDI Clockworks'), we will release these tools in February 2021. Early adopters may profit from introductionary prices. Active supporters, as always, will get their promotion codes.


JANUARY, 31TH 2021  

We provided a Maintenance Update 1.2 for our WU Series 

The update for 13 existing units will be shipped to the AppStore reviewing process today. It usually needs days for completing the  entire processing, sometimes even with further delays due to strange demanded catalogized 'requirements' by the Apple review teams. Some developers would say: This is just a mess of frustrations! 

Providing packages for the units even takes sometimes several weeks to review ( yes, these packages of already reviewed existing units will be reviewed again, whithout any change to the code !!! ) for unknown reasons. This all is a nightmare massacre, a fist into the face of any developer. Well... but by now, we will get immensely rich ... with 15% less ( errrm... more ) percent.

Manual for WU Series. 

Providing updates for existing pruducts is not just as easy as one may think. It is a fact, that many users do not even know about the efforts, that the developers must proceed. It usually requires many manual interactions for the development accounting and compiling and packaging, certifying and so on, which usually takes days of fulltime work for a single developer, not even written a single line of code in that time... Even if the number of products is large...

There are 2 new members in the WU series to come in the next days successively: The WU: AUPitch - the missing pitch shifter unit and the WU: AUMIDISynthesizer - a full featured multitimbre, multi MIDI channel, GM compatible sound module, based on soundfonts. 2 other modules are still missing there, the AUSampler and the AU(Scheduled)FilePlayer, which will be released, if the WU Series succeed at all, because these units require developing some extensions to make them any useful as loadeble audio units. However, a kind of preview release for the AUSampler may be possible too,


JANUARY, 22TH 2021  

Is the ancient MIDI Clock signal still infront of time? 

A digital MIDI Clock signal can be generated 100%ly accurate and perfectly in sync with the current audio stream, because it is actually generated with audio clock precision at high samplerate (i.e. 48000 or 96000 Hz) inside digital systems. This is more perfect, than any externally connected atom clock precision hardware device ever could produce due to MIDI transmission issues. So there is no question that digital hosts and audio units should be used to generate MC/MTC/SPP signals at the first place... 

Manual for MIDI Time Control, a new audio unit in our MIDI SWEET series.  

MTC (MIDI Time Code) generates a SMPTE time code, independently of the Clock sync and therefore cannot be used for Tempo information without losing its complete meaning. However, it can be used for absolute positioning. SPP (Song Position Pointer) can be combined with MC (MIDI Clock) successfully, finally delivering what some users obviously want to achieve - synchronisation between apps and devices, based on relative beat positions. The Song Position Pointer is usually sent ones prior sending the CONTINUE command, while afterwards usually merely MIDI Clock pulses are sent to indicate progression and tempo of a running composition. This also reduces transmission band width, which is always limited. The MIDI Time Code, on the other side, is an independent stream of constant pulses, sent in certain sequences, based only on the sample rate, which constructs time information and indicates the Real World Time, which is Her Untouchable Mayesty and not affected by any musical tempo or musical divisions.

There is not even one single audio unit available for iOS, that delivers MTC or SPP. However there is one in our series already for MIDI Clock Sync. Many essential MIDI tools are still missing in this world too: A multi channel MIDI recorder for instance or a simple MIDI File Player ...

These tools are not available for certain reasons. Mainly because, many of the established developers are obviously just using questionable open source and 3rd party frameworks and hacks that are 'plugged in' and are limited, which mostly are also quite inoperable with the remote audio unit system and its special threading. Audio unit MIDI frameworks must fit into the remote realtime kernel of Apples AudioUnit eco-system and this actually requires hardcore DSP coding... 

However, we are specilaized in doing such things. Stay tuned! 



Introducing DCCC Indicators.

We have added Develpment Costs Compensation Charts, graphical indicators of the current financial state to our main products on the product pages. This is just for global information, 'how profitable' higly specialized AudioUnit development on iOS currently is. 

We know, that only few developers would even consider unleashing this sensible information to the public, but we want to do so and inform our customers about the financial facts of AudioUnit developemt on Apple platforms in general. 

Especially this may be interesting for some, because customers generally tend to asking and expecting regular updates / upgrades for their '1,99$ lifetime purchases'. But it is just a fact, that in cases of approximately 95 % of all releases on iOS, not even the initial development costs for the products are compensated after one or two years of App Store performance ...  so how do you finance a life ...

Please note, that the biggest part of the development costs are always the actively used man hours. We set the hourly income to just merely 20 US Dollars, which is an extremely low amount of money for a free business person in comparsion to a paid job in a comparable development area (around 40.000 to 90.000 $ per year). We calculate an average timespan per day of 6 hours, inclusive Saturdays and Sundays. We can actually promise you, that 6 working hours per day do not reach out to achieve any useful results. ^^  ( So in fact the real spend amount of hours is significantly higher than even calculated here. )

And please also consider, that audio development usually requires highly specialized and experienced top developers and designers, not just the average javascript 'develeoper' staff that you may find next door in your 'web page design studio'. 

More information is here.



Public beta timeouts and release schedule.

All our existing public beta versions for the SPECTRO, DYNAMIC. TRIPLE and CHROMATIC SERIES expired lately. This is an automatic timeout for published beta versions. The final releases are scheduled for January 2021. The audio units will be released with 50% reduced introductory prices for early adopters.

We highly recommend to keep watching our Youtube channel for early news regarding upcoming releases. 


NOVEMBER, 21TH 2020 

We are announcing participation on the Black Friday Sales Week.

Conform to the Amazon black friday week, from November 23th to November 30th we will lower the prices for many of our products. We usually are lowering prices only twice per year. The rest of the time, we focus on stable prices with exception of special introductory prices for new product releases.



A new website (this one) has been published.


OCTOBER, 31TH 2020 

We published a new item in our LABORATORY.

The JAX Variable Latency Delay audio unit is an effect, that can slow down and speed up a constant audio stream in realtime by tricking the time temporarily.



OCTOBER, 30TH 2020 

We released JAF DeeJay

JAF DeeJay is an analog modelled full range filter, which is able to fade between lowpass and highpass with different selectable filter models. There is no gap between the filtering at center position. This kind of processor is often asked by DJs.



The upcoming days we will release JAX P2 and JAX P3, fundamentally different pitch shifter models. 

These units are part of our ESSENTIAL SERIES, a collection of 'one trick horses' of audio units.

There is an update in work too for these 2 Audio Units, adding optional MIDI key automation and further refining parameters. We also prepared an advantage bundle at lower price, which has to be approved by the AppStore review processing extra, because it is technically just not possible to provide such with an initial release due to strange Apple distribution platform issues.




We changed the prices of some of our products permanently. 

We are often asked for sales periods, but we generally want to focus on stable prices for all of our products. New product releases generally will be offered with special introduction prices.




The release of the WU (WRAPPED UNITS) SERIES has been started.

We will start releasing selected Audio Units from our WRAPPED UNITS SERIES today, just for testing the common interest. The units then will be released day by day to get some special attention. 

There will be no BETA tests for this, mainly because the units are just 'wrapped units'. However, the products will be actively maintained. 

The project was prepared for a long time now but we had to concentrate on much more complex projects lately.




Public beta version of JAX SPECTRO Transcend available. 

This audio unit is also based on our chromatic FFT and the second item in our SPECTRO series collection. The beta version can by called up by eveyone annonymously, who has installed Apples TestFlight app.




Public beta version of JAX TRIPLE Series 3Stereo available. 

JAX 3Stereo extends our classic JAX Stereo Tool and can process 3 freely adjustable frequency bands. The beta version is available for annonymous access via the Apple TestFlight app.




Public beta version of JAX SPECTRO Isolate available. 

JAX Isolate is the first item in our new SPECTRO series. It provides a spectral filter based on FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), where all frequencies are consequently mapped in chromatic fashion, corresponding to MIDI keys.




Public beta version of JAX TRIPLE SERIE 3Verb available. 

3Verb was especially created as a mastering reverb. It is the first item in our TRIPLE series, which provides a frequency band ssplitter and 3 parallell instances of an highly adjustable algorithmic reverberator.



AUGUST, 26TH 2020 

Public beta version of JAX DYNAMICS Compander available. 

This audio unit introduces our DYAMICS series, a collection of visual dynamics processors that are easy to use and do not require a academic music or audio engineering exam. 



AUGUST, 10TH 2020 

New Audio Unit series announced. 



We will release allot of new audio units in the next months. These new units will all fit into a selected purpose of audio processing tasks and so we created 4 new global categories for our upcoming products.


JULI, 7TH 2020 

We pushed a new item into our LABORATORY. 

The Panda Pianist is an interesting experiment for creating a hight quality sounding multimode Grand Piano module, that actually does not require gigabytes of disk space and does not eat up all the available mobile device memory at ones.

The panda logo will be used excessively by us in the future for all kind of sampler related stuff.


MAI, 20TH 2020 

We are announcing the pending release of our WU (WRAPPED UNITS) series

A collection of Audio Units, which expose user interfaces to iOS system included ui-less Audio Units and make them available for usage with all supporting audio unit host apps.



JANUARY, 11TH 2020 

JAX Convolutor PRO is now available in the App Store.

JAX Convolutor PRO is a studio quality convolution reverberator for mobile devices, which is able to load and process very large impulse response files in realtime. The audio unit is also able to load user defined IR files from disk.



JANUARY, 1ST 2020 

We released JAX Convolutor PE for free. 

This high-end convolution processor is a time limited offer [ preset edition ] of our upcoming JAX Convolutor PRO. The version does not allow loading user selected impulse response files but comes with a fairly complete set of studio quality impulse response files for instant selection.

This audio unit is fully functional but only available for a short time. 



NOVEMBER, 11TH 2019  

We released JAX Decimator on all Apple platforms today. 

JAX Decimator is a plugin in audio unit forma, that deliveres controlled digital effects like samplerate and bit reduction.  



AUGUST, 19TH 2019

JAX !Make Louder 2.0 is out. 

This major update will add two saturation stages for boosting the loudness of audio material, which requires such action.



AUGUST, 3RD 2019

We want to announce the start of our MIDI SWEET series. 

In our MIDI SWEET series we will publish several audio units with the ability for processing MIDI data streams.



JULI, 31TH 2019

We released the JAX !Make Louder Audio Unit. 

JAX !Make Louder is an essential tool for boosting and optimizing the loudness of digital audio material in realtime situations.



JULI, 23TH 2019

We released JAX Stereo Tool. 

The JAX Stereo Tool was created for doing professional mastering tasks and analysis on stereophonic audio material. 



JULI, 21TH 2019

We proudly present: The JAF Model One and the JAF Collection. 

The JAF Model One and the JAF Collection are unique sounding analog modeled filters with some mojo.