From time to time, we will pubish public beta versions of our upcoming new products. Sometimes even things from the AU Laboratory will be available as public beta.

Public betas require, that the users are insatlling Apples 'TestFlight' app, which is available for free on the App Store. Once installed onto your device, you just need to tap on the published links here and you are prepared for testing each new beta version of our apps for a maximum of 90 days. A private email registration is not necessary.

Apple 'TestFlight' allows you to manage all beta apps on your devices in one place and to communicate issues and wishes with the development teams anonymously.


20++ JAX Beta Projects Online  (last update: September 30. 2022) 

Updated Public Link List Of Current TestFlight BETA Releases (all by us) :

Our whole set of Apple TestFlight releases is available for macOS AND iOS/iPadOS via Apple TestFlight and direct disk image downloads (*).

(*) Please note, that the direct disk image releases on our website are completely separate packages, if you want to use it with macOS. But the binaries (internal code) are basically identical on all platforms. It is necessary to ship the macOS versions separately for users with Intel machines and older systems, because otherwise they possibly could not apply to beta testing, nor gain any usage on the mac. Requirements for Apple TestFlight are relatively high: macOS 12.0++ (Monterey), iOS 14++. Testflight unfortunately won't install on mac systems below 12.0.

So alternatively to Aple TestFlight you may try the direct disk image downloads we provided ( macOS Big Sur++ ). These disk images provide the apps with embedded AUv3 units for usage with Apple Logic Pro X, MainStage 3 and Garageband. (Some 3rd party audio host providers may support this new generation of audio units now too.) Just drag the apps to your applications folder and start it at least ones, audio unit registration is performed by the system automatically. Remove it, if you want to get rid of it, by just putting the app to the trash.

    1. JAX SPECTRO : Isolate (re-post) - spectral processing plugins based on 128 band chromatic FFT
    2. JAX SPECTRO : Transcend (re-post)

    3. JAX TRIPLE SERIES : 3Stereo (re-post) - 3-band audio processors
    4. JAX TRIPLE SERIES : 3Verb (re-post)

    5. JAX CHROMATIC : Compander - first of our 32 band audio processors video preview
    6. JAX MASTERING : MBC Pro - first of our 5 band mastering processors

    7. JAX MIDI : Module & Player - GM compatible synthesizer with integrated MIDI file player video preview

    8. JAX Superior Grand - first of our grand piano collection (german models version) video preview
    9. JAX ESSENTIALS : Flanger - basic modulation effects with MIDI assignment control
    10. JAX ESSENTIALS : Chorus
    11. JAX ESSENTIALS : Phaser

    12. JAX DYNAMICS : Compressor - basic dynamics effects including side / mid stereo modes
    13. JAX DYNAMICS : Limiter
    14. JAX DYNAMICS : Gate
    15. JAX DYNAMICS : Compander

    16. JAX LABS : Infinity Looper - experimental random loop generator video preview
    17. JAX LABS : AudioCoder - realtime audio coder with a C++ like audio programming language

    18. JAX SR : Flanger - selective frequency range audio processors
    19. JAX SR : Chorus
    20. JAX SR : Phaser


still pending beta releases :

  • JAX Supersonic - multi-timbre, 16 channel polyphonic VA workstation synthesizer video preview
  • JAX GM Xpansion Drums - 16 channel, GM compatible stereo drum module with 80 kits a 25 voices
  • JAX MiniSampler - user mapable polyphonic audio sampler
  • JAX AutoSampler - sample any instrument and auto-generate sampler presets

  • JAX LABS : Stretch Eight - timestretching sampler/recorder/player
  • JAX LABS : Idea Tool - auto generator for musical ideas with MIDI export

  • JAX MIDI : Session Recorder - visual multichannel/MPE MIDI file recorder
  • JAX MIDI : Session Player - visual multichannel/MPE MIDI file player


You need to install Apples TestFlight app from the AppStore for using these public beta links above directly. It is available for macOS and iOS/iPadOS separately. After installing that, you just need to click on the TestFlight download links and you will be directed to the public betas, which are managed by TestFlight completely then.

Please note, that TestFlight releases will time out automatically 89 days after release, unless there is a new version in the meantime. This is an Apple restriction. No need to say, that active corresponding beta testers qualify for free promotion codes after official release. Please send your reports to support@digitster.com . ( anonymous TestFlight reports are still useful to us but these do not automatically apply to our free promo codes offer, because we are unfortunately not able to assign a concrete user to anonymized TestFlight reports. )




The SR (selective range) SERIES audio units allow to separate the signal into frequency bands, where the assigned audio processor is applied to the selected mid-range frequency only. Especially with modulation effects, the sonic result is often unsatisfactory if applied to the complete frequency range of the audio signal. Selective frequency range processing will deliver more fine-tuned and optimized results and is also useful for mastering and creative effect processing.


Install JAX SR SERIES Chorus with TestFlight

Install JAX SR SERIES Phaser with TestFlight

Install JAX SR SERIES Flanger with TestFlight


JAX LABS : AudioCoder 


The JAX AudioCoder is a realtime programming environment for streaming audio with a programming language closely derived from industry standard C++. It is thought for delivering a scetching environment for audio DSP. It comes with an integrated syntax-highlighted editor and basic file management. Compiling new DSP algorithms is just a matter of pressing a button and the code (if correct) is executed on the fly.


Install JAX AudioCoder with TestFlight




Our CHROMATIC series audio units are 32-band audio processors, which allow to divide the complete frequency spectrum into 32 chromatically tuned bands and process them individually with unique parameters. The band split is done by analog modeled filters, not FFT (unlike our SPECTRO Series), so there is NO latency. This is possible only with using exessively the architecture dependent floating point vector registers of the CPU, as the performance must confirm to realtime processing. The compander uses 32 instances of dynamic processors in sum, one for each chromatic frequency band.


Install JAX CHROMATIC Series : Compander with TestFlight




Developing our Triple Series further, we came to a new series concept with 5 frequency band splits. Especially for dynamics processing we will release this kind of audio processors, as these will be well suited for realtime mastering purposes.


Install JAX MASTERING Series : MBC Pro with TestFlight


JAX MIDI : Module & Player 


This is our new approach for delivering a General MIDI compatible device, which is a 16 channel sound module with integrated file player. We implemented a specific extension to General Midi, the ROLAND GS Standard, which basically has more voices and articulation variants. It also includes different genre specific drum sets. The MIDI device is controlled by MIDI patch changes and controllers in a way, that ensures correct playback of standard MIDI files. But the module also can be used to perform with live input on all 16 MIDI channels.


Install JAX MIDI Module&Player with TestFlight


JAX Superior Grand


The Superior Grand is the first of our Concert Grand Piano Collections. The Superior delivers a set of German style Grand Pianos with different timbres. Other model series ( Americcan style, Japanese style, Central European styles ) will come later.

Heart of the Concert Grand Series is a hybride, extremely economic sound engine with very low memory footprint and optimized for high polyphony, not relying on any large sample sound sets, which are usually multi-sampled gigabyte heavy libraries, wasting precious disk space and memory. Our models always completely fit into the memory of a mobile device and generate the typical sound character of the grand piano by waveguide and accoustic modeling mechanisms.


Install JAX Superior Grand with TestFlight












Our DYNAMICS series include multiband and single band dynamics processors of different kind and are able to visualize their internal action for better understanding what's happen in realtime. We focussed on easyness of usage rather than on scientific tems and stressed classic dynamics processor paradigms.