A collection of Audio Units, which expose user interfaces to iOS system included ui-less Audio Units.

iOS includes allot of useful Audio Units, but many host apps do not expose these to the user at all. The result is often missing these essential cross-platform compatible Audio Units, the basics, i.e. the compander, expander, compressor, limiter, ring modulator, decimator, delay, reverb, filters and EQs and so on, which are all well known from the MacOS (GarageBand, MainStage and Logic Pro X and others).

So we created generic user interfaces, that wrap these included system Audio Units to expose all of their parameters to the host applications not providing such, because of the simple lack of missing an user interface to expose. (These system units are by default and probably intention parametric Audio Units without an UI on iOS).

This collection concept may sound quite simple but required allot of research and work on our side and so each single unit extension will be available for the lowest possible price in the AppStore. The collection is planned to be available as sorted packages too, later. We decided to release these units separately, rather than a single package, so users can select what they actually need.

The complete collection is planned with the following componets, which will be tested and released if ready in successive order:


Delays & Reverbs

- WU: AUDelay (classic delay effect)
- WU: AUSampleDelay (a sample offset)
- WU: Reverb (preset reverb)
- WU: Reverb2 (algorithmic reverb)

Distortion & Dynamics

- WU: AUDistortion (multi distortion effects)
- WU: DynamicsProcessor (multi dynamics effects)
- WU: AUPeakLimiter (peak/brickwall limiter)

EQ & Pitch

- WU: AUNewPitch (pitch shifter)
- WU: AUParametricEQ (single band EQ)
- WU: AUNBandEQ (10 band EQ)


- WU: AUBandpassFilter (single bandpass filter)
- WU: AULowPassFilter
- WU: AUHighPassFilter
- WU: AULowShelfFilter
- WU: AUHighShelfFilter


This is an exclusive iOS (12+) release ( universal/audio unit ).


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