Unleash The Power Of The Hidden Units

Wrapped units are a collection of audio units provided by us, which encapsulate effects that are delivered with all Apple platforms but (mostly) hidden to the users, because these audio effects do not expose user interfaces - but they actuially can process audio. 

Wrapping these units and giving them a generic user interface, will make them available with all AudioUnit-enabled host applications that support audio units with an exposable user interface.

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The WU (Wrapped Units) series expose a genereic user interface to the systems Audio Units and make these available to all host applications that support AUv3 audio processing plugins. Even if those hosts do not support UI-less audio units. Use the desired audio effect, well known from GarageBand on MacOS and iOS with any audio host application and ensure same sound with your projects.




Read or download the manual for the product in PDF format.





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 The following different audio units are available with the WU series:

  • WU: AUDelay, a simple delay effect with feedback control  
  • WU: AUSampleDelay, a sample frame delay, which is very useful for doing manual latency compensation and out-of-phase corrections
  • WU: AUReverb2, an algorithmic digital reverberation effect with a number of parameters
  • WU: AUPeakLimiter, a brickwall limiter, useful for preventing signal bursing and saving speakers
  • WU: AUDynamicsProcessor, delivering compressor, expander, limiter, gate in one multi- dynamics plugin
  • WU: AUDistorion, a versatile multi algorithm signal distortion/modification effect
  • WU: AUBandpassFilter, a basic digital filter model
  • WU: AULowPassFilter, a basic digital filter model
  • WU: AUHighPassFilte, a basic digital filter model
  • WU: AULowShelfFilter, a basic digital filter model
  • WU: AUHighShelfFilter, a basic digital filter model
  • WU: AUParametricEQ, a single equalizer band with adjustable frequency
  • WU: AUPitch, a pitch shifter up to +-24 semitones (2 octaves up and down)
  • WU: AUNBandEQ, more than just a multiband EQ, it actually delivers a whole bunch of different filter algorithms per band

  • WU: AUMIDISynthesizer, a multitimbre MIDI synthesizer based on soundfonts (*.dls, *.sf2 file format)
  • WU: AUSampler, a full featured and powerful single channel sampler unit with its own file format


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