MIDI Clock Sync

MIDI Clock Generator and Receiver

MIDI Clock is a special realtime MIDI message for synchronizing tempo information across devices. The clock signal does not support special sequencer control or transport information. I just is fired 48 times per quarter to give the receiver a chance to calculte the correct tempo at any given time point.

MIDI Clock Sync was developed for creative usage and diagnostics.

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With the MIDI Clock Sync Generator you can crate your own sample accurate timing signals and forward them to other devices and apps, independently of the hosts tempo. The receiver mode can be used as a diagnostic tool. The Audio Unit requires a host application, which is able to handle MIDI messages, even supporting this kind of special MIDI realtime messages. It may be therefore not usable with any available AUv3 host, most likely due to the lack of support of realtime MIDI Messages. 

The complete manual is shipped with the distribution app. The distribution app basically demonstrates a sender and a receiver for MIDI Clock pulses with 2 independent instances of the audio unit, driven by the sample accurate iOS audio engine.




Read or download the manual for the product in PDF format.





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