A growing collection of special MIDI enabled Audio Units.

We like to announce the release start of our experimental MIDI SWEET series, a continuously growing set of MIDI enabled Audio Units. The first unit is MIDI Clock Sync, a signal generator/analyzer for user defined MIDI Clock messages. The second release is a sizeable MIDI Monitor for visually analyzing MIDI data flow. Followed by MIDI Player Unit, a sequencer like GM file player and MIDI Module Unit, the first 1024 voice multi-channel/timbre GM-compatible Sound Module in Audio Unit format.


[ 03 ]

MIDI Player Unit

MIDI Player Unit Manual


[ 04 ]

MIDI Module Unit

MIDI Module Unit Manual


[ 01 ]

MIDI Clock Sync

MIDI Clock Sync Manual


[ 02 ]

MIDI Monitor 2

MIDI Monitor2 Manual

This is an exclusive iOS (12+) release ( universal/audio unit ).

Download the manual for MIDI Clock Sync .
Download the manual for MIDI Monitor2.




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