JAX Convolutor PRO

Stereo Impulse Response Convolution Processor

Convolution reverbs are fundamentally different than algorithmic or analog plate reverbs. With convolution, a real world (recorded) lmpulse response will be rendered onto the audio stream in realtime, which attemps to place a most realistic reverberation result onto the sound source.

So convolution reverbs naturally have a limited set of sound manipulation controls. But JAX Convolutor PRO will bring back creative sound manipulation possibilities and is optimized for using very large user imported files.

It additionally comes with a complete set of high quality impulse response files in studio quality. 

What's this ???







Convolution is a highly complex signal processing approach, that needs some certain computation power. 

The recorded impulse response of a real world environment is used to render a reverberation effect onto any audio material, so that it sounds like the source was played in that original room or at that location. 

Some further adjustments and manipulations can be applied to refine these results. Now this all may sound somewhat naive at first listen but the entire calculation is extremely complex math, so that the very first processors and computers were able to perform this in realtime rather around the end of the last millennium. 

Basically, the impulse responses and the audio stream are completely analyzed with FFT algorithms and then the entire analysis data will be cross-modulated into the realtime audio stream by performing a repeated highly performance intensive re-synthesis and accumulation processing for each analysis block of the impulse response. 

Therefore it is a crucial performance factor that you use JAX Convolutor with larger processing buffer sizes (1024) samples. Shorter buffers may raise the CPU hit exorbitantly for several technical reasons. 




Read or download the manual for the product in PDF format.





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