Optimize the loudness of your audio streams and squash it too the boundaries.

We are happy to point out the update of our JAX !Make Louder tool, an Audio Unit, that can help you with the loudness of your audio streams.



The tool is comparable with a visual brick-wall limiter, combined with a boosting pre-gain amplifier. The unit is stupidly simple to use. The product is the result of several tests we made to support AUM parameter exposing for our complete product line. It is also released as an emergency solution for our JAF series, which may exceed the 0dB mark easily at current state. This 'speed-coded' test was successful, so that you now may profit from it.

The latest update integrates 2 brand new tube amplifier models and some adjustments to the brick-wall limiter along with the extensions of the user interface to reflect these changes.

Please remember, that our audio units should be compatible with all currently available host applications on iOS. If not, please tell us.

Download the manual for JAX !Make Louder. There is also a short demo video, merely demonstrating the parameter feature support with AUM.

JAX !Make Louder is availabe for download and installation on the App Store.



Analyze, correct and improve your stereophonic audio material and recover lost mono-compatibility.

Exclusive iOS release ( universal/audio unit )

The JAX Stereo Tool is an visual Audio Unit effect processor, embedded into an universal application, exclusively released on the mobile iOS platform. The Tool is our first release of several further specialized audio plugins as a member of the JAX [ Just An Extension ] series.

JAX Stereo Tool can be plugged into your favourite audio processing app and operate in standalone mode. The main difference between IAA (old and bad) and Audio Units (new and good) is, that you can open multiple instances of Audio Units, while IAA apps can only run ones (at same time) on the iOS operating system, mostly in an "app processing chain". IAA is marked deprecated by Apple, our apps will no longer depend on any IAA functionality.

With the JAX Stereo Tool you will get a quite unique special function to "recover lost mono compatibility" in any stereo signal. Please read the manual, which is included in the app release or available below. This function is technically very simple but not easy to understand, however... it just works!

Download the manual for JAX Stereo Tool







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