A New Generation of Software Concert Grand Pianos.



The JAX Superior Concert Grand Piano will be the first release in our new piano collection. Featuring FRET ( Full Range Expression Technology ) There is no special requirement for MIDI control, it is working with the usual velocity as played in realtime out of the box. And it is sounding amaizing realistic and expressive like nothing before.

All 4 new release-scheduled models are based on our LRPE ( Low Resources Piano Engine ) which uses minimalistic memory footprint (around 50 to 100 MB core sound processing data versus several Gigabytes of common sample libraries, which mostly even deliver compressed sound data) and synthesizes velocity, sympathetic string resonances and body response optionally in realtime with significant better dynamic results than the competitors sampled products. So neither of your RAM or disk space will be clustered with gigabytes of wasted sound data for an nevertheless average musical result.

( All of our models are excessively running balancing tests and optimization processing with hundereds, yet thousands of real recorded piano performances to ensure real world behavior and sound result. Unlike common sampling products, which are techniclly superb but musically mostlly extremely reduced and unbalanced in dynamics, loudnes and tonal adjustment. This is something, you will immediately hear and feel, )

There are at least 3 different further models planned, each with a distinct and unique differing sound character. 

All releases will come with standalone apps and version 3 AudioUnits included and are exclusively available on all Apple devices, including professional grade music workstations, supporting audio units, like Logic Pro X on the macOS. A hand made selection of classical masterpieces MIDI files is in included with each product.


Sound Examples

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(These demos are demonstrating differnt models across the entire collection.)


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JAX Superior

The JAX Superior Concert Grand is a well balanced hybride piano model with a beatiul classic base tone. It is  suiteable for any genre but specifically superior for performing virtuously classical masterpieces of piano music across all decades. The typical classic piano sound is darker than the sound of modern companions.

Release pending. 

JAX Imperior

The JAX Imperior Grand is a piano model with rich majestic base sound, well balanced and with certain metallic character in its overtone structure. Specifically useful for softer moods and special classical decades. The tones have a wide spectum and are not so much emphasized or peaking as many classic pianos but souverain and elegant sounding. 

Release pending.

JAX Emporior

The JAX Xcelsior Grand has the much loved bright timbre for sound compositions with modern touch and feeling. It specifically shines with crystal clear overtones across the entire tonal range - without losing the concert piano feeling. Users, who find the typical darker sound of many classic pianos somewhat 'muddy' usually will chose this one. It's well suited for contemporary music. 

Release pending.

JAX Xcelsior

The JAX Emporior Grand features a strong emphasized modern sounding and powerful base tone with peaking bell-like overtones and a tendency to heaavy metallic hammered attacks. It can be chosen if the piano sound must cut thru the mix or in combination with an orchestra. The Xcelsior is certainly somewhat rebellish sounding and less balanced as the Emporior for instance.

Release pending.



Video Demos & Tutorials

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JAX Superior Concert Grand

JAX Superior is scheduled for release in February 2022.

Public Beta Test 
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JAX Imperior Concert Grand

JAX Imperior is scheduled for release in February 2022.

Public Beta Test
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JAX Emporior Concert Grand

JAX Emporior is scheduled for release in February 2022.

Public Beta Test 
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JAX Xcelsior Concert Grand

JAX Xcelsior is scheduled for release in February 2022.

Public Beta Test






$ 19,99 *

The iOS/iPadOS version is universal, meaning it will run on the iPad and on the iPhone. 

No extra price for the iPhone version. 

* introduction price 

macOS (Catalyst)

§ 29,99 *

This version is for users with Intel hardware and runs with Apples Catalyst emulator. 

This basically allows to run iOS Apps including the embedded AUv3 AudioUnits on the macOS.

* introduction price 

macOS (Apple Silicon) 

(Free WITH iOS)

Users of the latest Apple Hardware will have the possibility running iOS apps natively on the Apple Silicon Chips.

We have chosen to set up the releases for running on the macOS too. 

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