Update note:
Currently a combi update 1.4 / 1.5 for the JAF series is in progress, fixing reported issues and providing DSP extensions.



Exclusively available on iOS : Analog Modeled Synthesizer Filters.
Transforming your iOS Device into a Vintage Audio Filter.

" Droning, roaring, screaming, soaring.
It cuts through stuff as a razor or, likely, such as jackhammer.
Shakes your ears like wildest cattle.
Catch it! Tame it! "


Exclusive iOS releases ( universal/audio unit ) :

Download the manual for MODEL One or for the complete COLLECTION


We are very excited to announce the release of our JAF [ Just A Filter ] Collection series.

The JAF MODEL ONE is a free package that deliveres an analog modelled filter module as an universal app and an Audo Unit. (These are Apple exclusive audio connection technologies on their mobile devices platform as on the Mac OS.) The JAF COLLECTION is the commercial release and includes over 30 different unique sounding filter models inside one interface, including the legendary classic synthesizer-filter models of the golden age of analog sounding.

The app is now available in the App Store.






Please, prior doing a rating or review : If you have discovered issues, plesase contact us for SUPPORT. We usually will reply to your mails inside 24 hours, we'll look at the problem and possibly do update the current version immediately.




How to use the included oscillators with JAF MODEL ONE & JAF COLLECTION ?

JAF MODEL ONE and JAF Collection include its own powerfull analog modeled oscillator section with unison. This simple fact transforms the filters into a unique and powerful sounding synthesizer, which can be remote controlled via MIDI note and control messages. The following video demonstrates the activation of the unison oscillators:


How to connect JAF COLLECTION to MIDI via Bluetooth ?


Establisching Bluetooth connections with the JAF MODEL ONE and/or the JAF COLLECTION is easy. Our apps can (optionally) publish and receive via Bluetooth MIDI connections. After a bluetooth connection was made, there will be a new MIDI port available on the receiving device, which can handle these MIDI messages. In the following videos we will use an iPad Pro 12.9 as the receiver and an iPhone XR as the Bluetooth MIDI publisher.

NOTE: JAF COLLECTION and JAF MODEL ONE are not limited to use Bluetooth MIDI or even MIDI at all, but these are additional options to exchange realtime MIDI data wireless between divices. So Bluetooth and network MIDI can make sense but we recomment to use wired MIDI connections for best timing and production stability.

1: Publish as a Bluetooth sender:

2. Connect to the sender and activate the newly created MIDI port:


The supported MIDI controllers are documented with the MIDI Implementation Chart inside the manuals.



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