A powerful iOS MIDI Sound Module of a special sort.



We are proud to announce the release of our new powerful MIDI sound module, that at same time is a synthesizer module and an advanced MIDI file player.

The app can play MIDI files and playlists and you may send realtime MIDI messages to the integrated (or external) synthesizer modules on its 16 sweet MIDI channels, supporting GM2 Standard Sets. Advanced MIDI connectivity via Inter-app-MIDI, Bluetooth-MIDI and Network-MIDI sessions are also supported. MODULE I6 provides flawless iOS file system integration, also user-defined soundfonts can be loaded and much more...

Note: MI6 is completely based on Apple technologies and also completely written in SWIFT 5 (which was quite a challenge by the way). There is no Audio Unit available therefore, as the app uses Apples integrated Audio Unit sampler / MIDI Synthesizer and the Audio Unit Sequencer. The trick of capturing the events for the user interface is an internal MIDI loopback, that enables the app to catch these events for analysis and displaying in realtime.

This is an exclusive iOS (11+) release ( universal inter-app-audio ( no anaudio unit ) ).

Download the manual for MIDI MODUL I6 .




How to connect MODULE I6 to MIDI devices via Bluetooth MIDI ?

Connecting bluetooth devices, at first sight, seems to be somewhat complicated. But with MODULE I6 this is actually a quite simple task! MODULE I6 can act as a bluetooth publisher or/and as a blutooth receiver, but not both at same time. Bluetooth connectios are always device to device connections and if a divice is connected, the connection is disabled for other devices.

To make MODULE I6 a sender, (for instance to transmit realtime MIDI streams to external sound devices or synthesizers), you just use the integrated bluetooth publishing tool of MODULE I6. The following video shows how to publish a bluetooth MIDI service to send out MODULE I6's MIDI Data:




This process can be inverted also. If you want other devices to send realtime MIDI data to MODULE I6, you just use the bluetooth connection tool of the app. You may configure to send and receive MIDI data from another devices and apps with MODULE I6, as shown in the following video. After successful bluetooth connection, a new MIDI port is created and available for selection as a MIDI input in MODULE I6:




How to remote control MODULE I6, playing in background with the iOS system panel ?

If MODULE 16 plays files or is active as a tone module, it can go to background, continuing playing audio. If you want start or stop playing files without re-opening the app, you can use the iOS system panel to do so:




How to open (for instance) MIDI files in an e-mail attachment with MODULE I6 ?

MODULE I6's file system integration into iOS is seamless and starightforward. Rather than providing our own file handling, we decided to completely connect MODULE I6 to iOS standard file handling behaviors (iOS 11+). With MODULE I6 you can manage your files a usally, like with the iOS 'Files' app. You can rename, move, import, export ... just what you want to do with your MIDI file collections:




How to exchange and import new sound banks for the integrated synthesizer ?

MODULE I6 already includes many high quality soundbanks in standardized *.sf2 format. You can select the sounds you want and also import your own soundfonts. But wait, please note, that the size of a sound font gives absolutely no guarantee that it will sound better or even any good.

We actually discovered, that even small soundfonts can outperform the sound quality of megabyte heavy other soundfonts with also much better performance! (And if you plan to import your gigabyte grand pianos, please note, that mobile devices may have strict memory limitations.)





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